Our Products

Wooden Dolls

Our wooden dolls have a body and head out of wood.
Arms and legs are connected to the torso with springs so shoulders and hips are movable.
They have knotted wigs from animal hair with braided hairstyles, sewn short hair wigs out of mohair plush or painted hair.
The wooden dolls can sit and stand.

36 Centimeter (H-Dolls), 28 Centimeter (DJ-Dolls) and 18 Centimeter (V-Dolls, not available at the moment)

Baby Dolls

Our Baby Dolls have a wooden head and a cloth body filled with sand.
They have painted hair.
The Babies can only lie down.

29 Centimeter (B-Dolls), 26 Centimeter (M-Dolls), 19 Centimeter (K-Dolls) and 15 Centimeter (W-Dolls, not available at the moment)

Cloth Dolls

Our cloth dolls have a hollow head.
This makes the head lighter and suits the soft body filled with lambs wool.
They have knotted wigs from animal hair or sewn short mohair wigs.
The cloth dolls can sit.

38 Centimeter (S-Dolls) and 25 Centimeter (L-Dolls)


Our "Fatsche" is inspired by traditional toys from South-Tirol, Berchtesgaden and similar regions.
They are carved from one piece of wood.
The are made from various woods

14 Centimeter, 9 Centimeter and 7 Centimeter


Our beds are inspired by furniture from the Biedermeier period.
The sewn bed linen is filled with lambs wool.

Ca. 26cm x 13cm x 16cm