About us

We handcraft our dolls from wood and other natural materials. Through skilful craftsmanship and artistic know-how we are creating timeless pieces out of precious materials inspired by traditional toys. Our dolls are made for playing.  Over time they will develop a patina, making them even more unique.

The heads and body-parts from maple wood are being carved after a bronze model. Afterwards every piece is sanded by hand in order to get the silky and soft surface. The eyes and mouthes are painted free-handed with a brush. That is how our artistic skills not only come to expression with the underlying model but also with the design of every individual doll. Our dolls have hand-tied wigs from animal hair with braided hairstyles or sewed mohair wigs with short hair. The babies have painted hair.

The distinctive style of the clothes of our dolls is created through the joy of using various materials and colors with handcraft techniques. The designs for the characteristic knitted clothes are among other things inspired by the art of traditional knitting. A special challenge is the small-scale sewing since we value perfect craftmanship.

With our Postcard calendars we created a medium that helps us to illustrate our sources of inspiration and ideas for designing the dolls.